2016 Artist’s Perspective - Selections Announced

Tue 13th Dec, 2016

Posted by Miteybig Studio, Inc

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© Taylor Castle

Our fourth annual personal work exhibition, Artist’s Perspective has been completed. The above image from Taylor Castle is a selection in this year's exhibition. We want to thank our esteemed panel of judges for devoting their time and talent judging this year's personal work exhibition:

The following artists are recognized for their outstanding work that reflects personal vision and technical excellence:

Official Selections

  1. Alex Garcia
  2. Andy Goodwin
  3. Brian Molyneaux
  4. Brooke Hummer
  5. Callie Lipkin
  6. Clark Griffiths
  7. Drew Endicott
  8. Gokhan Cukurova
  9. Harold Lee Miller
  10. Jacob Watts
  11. Jeff Dahlgren
  12. Jeffrey Apoian
  13. Kelly Allison
  14. Leasha Overturf
  15. Lindsay Gallup
  16. Lisa Sciascia
  17. Mike Roemer
  18. Paul Elledge
  19. Paul Turang
  20. Sara Rubinstein
  21. Saverio Truglia
  22. Taylor Castle
  23. Todd Winters

Honorable Mentions

  1. Amos Nachoum
  2. Andy Goodwin
  3. Anthony Nex
  4. Brooke Hummer
  5. Caren Alpert
  6. Clark Griffiths
  7. Drew Endicott
  8. Elaine Miller
  9. Erich Valo
  10. Gokhan Cukurova
  11. Harold Lee Miller
  12. Jeff Dahlgren
  13. Jeffrey Apoian
  14. Kelly Allison
  15. Kourtney Sellers
  16. Max Hirshfeld
  17. Mike Seroni
  18. Sara Rubinstein
  19. Todd Crawford
  20. Todd Winters
  21. Vittoria Zupicich

And, we want to thank all artists who took the time to submit image(s) into this year's competition - please know your support of APA will help us build a stronger more vibrant photographic community.


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