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  • Mon 06th Jul, 2020 Posted in Chicago

    Video Series : How to Prep for a Portfolio Review

    Commercial and lifestyle photographer, Martine Severin, shares her thoughts and gives guidance on how to prepare for a portfolio review with a dream client.

  • Freddy Fabris

    Sun 02nd Aug, 2015 Posted in Chicago

    Feature: Freddy Fabris

    Award-winning photographer Freddy Fabris is an established name in the advertising industry where he specializes in conceptual campaigns, cars, and people.

  • Kevin Penczak

    Thu 25th Jun, 2015 Posted in Chicago

    Kevin Penczak: “The Moth”

    Kevin Penczak is an up-and-comer in Chicago’s commercial photography industry. Raised in Elk Grove Village, Penczak developed an early interest in photography..

  • Matthew Bowie

    Sat 28th Feb, 2015 Posted in Chicago

    Matthew Bowie: “The Antarctic Expedition”

    Bowie is a largely self-taught photographer whose photos often depict strong, determined men and women in pursuit of a dream.

  • Sandro

    Wed 07th Jan, 2015 Posted in Chicago

    Seeing Sandro

    Winner of the Lucie Foundation’s “International Photographer of the Year Award” in 2014 photographing over 230 tradespeople and children from Morocco.

  • Carolyn by Harold Lee Miller

    Thu 06th Nov, 2014 Posted in Chicago

    Shooting Personal Work: Good for the Soul, Good for Business

    In this article, Harold Lee Miller discusses how shooting personal work not only feeds him creatively but also feeds his family.

  • Todd Baxter

    Tue 19th Aug, 2014 Posted in Chicago

    Todd Baxter: Creating the Magical

    Chicago alumnus, Todd Baxter takes familiar subject matter and adds an element of the unbelievable and this interview includes great advice on client services.

  • Paul Elledge - Flag

    Sat 17th May, 2014 Posted in Chicago

    Paul Elledge - Selma

    I have always reflected on my history to inform and influence my projects. An on-going approach in my personal projects is to visit locations that have had...

  • Nathanael Filbert

    Wed 09th Apr, 2014 Posted in Chicago

    Nathanael Filbert - First Call Assistant

    Filbert is a first call assistant living in Chicago. He discusses his love of photography and passion for assisting, including great advice on breaking in.