Enhance Your Writing Screencast

Mon 24th May, 2021

Posted by Steve Brooks Posted in Screencast, Education

Professional writers Alicia Dale and Brent Brotine lead our “Enhance Your Writing” workshop on May 20, 2021. They shared many tips and tricks of the trade to aid our community craft more professional and effective emails, website content, and creative treatments.


After the introductions and the poll questions (that weren’t captured by Zoom’s screen recorder), Brent spoke about “Personas” and the importance of understanding your target audience. Having an intimate understanding of who will be reading your words will help you craft succinct communications to meet their needs. Brent then reviewed best practices for your “About Me” and “Artist’s Statement” pages. And Brent concluded with grammatical errors that everyone should avoid, and he addressed the Oxford comma schools of thought. Alicia Dale covered the topic of emails and offered sage advice on how best to respond to negative feedback. The webinar concluded with our panelists offering online writing resources and taking questions from the attendees.

Special Thanks
To Linda Levy from the Workbook whose tireless effort brought this workshop and webinar to life. Also, thanks to Brooke Hummer, Chapter Chair at APA Chicago for helping make this program a reality.

If you found this webinar helpful to your photography career, please consider joining APA. Annual memberships start at just $50.