Huge Galdones Screencast

Tue 06th Jul, 2021

Posted by Steve Brooks Posted in Screencast, Diversity & Inclusion, Education

On June 25, 2021, APA Chicago spoke with food and beverage photographer Huge Galdones. Born in Canada, Huge now calls Chicago his home. In this presentation, Huge chalks up his success in commercial photography to his unique career path. In his case, taking the long road helped him develop a unique skill set that he leverages to earn new business and create life-long clients and friends.

Screencast concepts include:

  • Taking the path less traveled.
  • Hustle, curiosity, perseverance, luck, and educated risk
  • Food was a big part of Huge's life.
  • Went to University to study Physiology and Pharmacology.
  • During college in the late 1990s, side-hustle working part-time in the kitchen of Joe Beef.
  • In 2005 sold Paintball gear and purchased his first digital camera.
  • Brought camera into the restaurant to document kitchen life. Images published in Forbes, Food & Wine, Elle, and Bon Appétit.
  • Serendipitous meeting with Patrick Beaudry (official photographer with the Montreal Canadians) became Huge's mentor.
  • Moved to a Chicago, zero clients, the challenge was to tap into the local culinary scene.
  • Connected with Grub Street (NY Magazine) through cold emails—then met Chicago's best chefs and owners.
  • Photographed the Cochon 555 Tour in Chicago, then became their official tour photographer after connecting with the event founder Brady Lowe. He was able to meet some of the best chef's around the country.
  • APA has helped Huge understand the business side of commercial photography and agent representation.
  • Covid pivots—support restaurants by photographing to-go containers (in some cases pro bono).
  • Launched Roll Cut Studios to provide full-service stills and motion to the food and beverage industry.
  • Past relationships can be the most potent way to generate future new business.
  • Ideas on collaboration to build your portfolio.