2020 Artist’s Perspective Personal Work Exhibition

Fri 24th Jan, 2020 – 7:00pm–11:00pm

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Fri 24th Jan, 2020


Free Admission

Ben Clasen—Container Living Room

This image by Ben Clasen was selected for the exhibition based on artist merit and technical excellence.

Judging is complete for our 7th Annual Artist's Perspective Personal Work Exhibition, and we are pleased to announce the 25 selected artist's below (41 images) will be featuring image(s) as selected from our curator Catherine Edelman, owner of Catherine Edelman Gallery. APA Chicago will exhibit these images on January 24, 2020, at Bridgeport Art Center. Our celebration includes drinks, food, fun, photo booth and more - please join us.

Exhibiting Artist’s

  1. Ben Clasen
  2. Todd Crawford
  3. Jason Creps
  4. Paul Dimalanta
  5. Paul Elledge
  6. Drew Endicott
  7. Freddy Fabris
  8. Huge Galdones
  9. Michael Hart
  10. John Haynes
  11. Karen Hirsch
  12. Lisa LeJeune
  13. Michael Mayo
  14. Brian Molyneaux
  15. Lennette Newell
  16. Adla Nitish
  17. Leasha Overturf
  18. Mary Rafferty
  19. Rich Saal
  20. Kathryn Riesz Schapper
  21. Michael Schoenfeld
  22. Martine Severin
  23. Paul Turang
  24. Greg Whitaker
  25. Todd Winters


First, what would a shindig be without the support of our amazing sponsors who give selflessly to our community. Huge thanks to Monica at Trybe Production Collective, Linda at the Workbook, the fine folks at Revolution Brewing for graciously providing the adult beverages, and an honorable mention to Tiffany at Lamin-8 who will oversee the demanding task of printing all images for the exhibition.

Second, I would like to recognize the APA board volunteers who graciously give their time and talent that keeps the APA Chicago chapter organization functioning on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis - they are Lindsay Gallup, Alyce Henson, Brooke Hummer, Kourtney Sellers, and Linda Levy. The planning for Artist's Perspective is a year-long process.

Last, we would like to thank all photographers who submitted work for this year's exhibition. Entries increased by 15.8% over the previous year - making this the most competitive exhibition in our seven-year history.

A hearty thank you from everyone at APA Chicago. We hope to see you at the exhibition on January 24, 2020, at Bridgeport Art Center.