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  • Paul Elledge

    Tue 07th Jun, 2016 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Paul Elledge - iPhone Once A Day

    On January 1, 20019 Paul Elledge started a body of work called iPhone Once A Day as a visual social media experiment. Seven years later the project continues.

  • Rob Gregory

    Mon 19th Oct, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Rob Gregory at Apple Store

    In this talk, photographer Rob Gregory will be speaking about how pursuing your passion can shape your career.

  • Zack Burris

    Mon 12th Oct, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Zack Burris at Apple Store

    Photographer Zack Burris will be joined by Chad Hangden, Associate Creative Director at Marc USA, and Digital Artist Bill Scheffler to discuss "collaboration."

  • Lisa Sciascia

    Mon 21st Sep, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Lisa Sciascia at Apple Store

    Lisa Sciascia will discuss her unusual career journey that started with a business degree now transformed into a successful photography business.

  • Andy Barnes

    Mon 24th Aug, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Andy Barnes at Apple Store

    Andy Barnes will give a presentation titled, “Your Voice Envisioned,” in which he will discuss how photographers can maintain their personal aesthetics while...

  • Tom Maday

    Mon 22nd Jun, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Tom Maday at Apple Store

    Purveyor of effortless style, photographer Tom Maday discusses how to bring a lean, efficient and nimble approach to shooting on location.

  • The Barkers

    Mon 18th May, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    The Barkers at Apple Store

    Kristen and Chris Barker will discuss the topic of authenticity in advertising as it relates to commercial photography and video assignments.

  • Rob Grimm

    Tue 07th Apr, 2015 Posted in Apple Store, Education

    Rob Grimm at Apple Store

    The world of commercial photography is fiercely competitive, Rob will discuss how to find your voice as a photographer to separate yourself from the crowd.

  • Dave Rentauskas

    Mon 02nd Mar, 2015 Posted in Apple Store

    Dave Rentauskas at Apple Store

    Dave will discuss his creative process: from concept to creation. He’ll elaborate on taking ideas from his mind and bringing it to life in a photograph.

  • Alex Garcia

    Mon 20th Oct, 2014 Posted in Apple Store

    Alex Garcia at Apple Store

    Photographer Alex Garcia shares insights and back-stories about visual storytelling from his more than twenty years at some of the largest news organizations.

  • Drew Reynolds

    Mon 15th Sep, 2014 Posted in Apple Store

    Drew Reynolds at Apple Store

    Reynolds will discuss photographing imagery you are passionate about, creating a unique visual style and breaking free from your comfort zone and taking risks.

  • Mon 24th Feb, 2014 Posted in Apple Store

    Jason Lindsay at Apple Store

    Jason will discuss how his passions and personal work have helped his career as a Photographer and Director as well as how to apply your personal vision to...