The Barkers at Apple Store

Mon 18th May, 2015 – 7:00pm–8:00pm

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Mon 18th May, 2015


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Chris and Kristen Barker


Kristen and Chris Barker (By The Barkers) will discuss the topic of authenticity in advertising as it relates to commercial photography and video assignments. What does it mean when a client uses words like “authentic?” This word can be overused and is a vague way of describing a concept. What is being original when you shoot and what is your client really asking you to do?


By The Barkers represents the collaborative work of Kristen and Chris Barker, a husband and wife creative team. They first met in Bloomington, Indiana where they realised their paralleled ambition for pursuing a creative career based in Chicago. Producing work for clients such as Microsoft, Crate & Barrel, JCPenney, and Live Nation, among others, their imagery portrays a glimpse of lively emotions found in their subjects, and even spontaneous moments that are presented in their work. They describe their work as "Life Shared." Whether it’s a group of friends surfing with whales off Oahu’s North Shore, or a little girl chasing fireflies in her backyard, The Barkers have a unique ability to capture lifestyle imagery that centers around fun, adventure and individuality. For them, their inspiration is sourced from, “The ordinary exchange of humans in the optimistic spectrum inspires us.”

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