2022 Artist’s Perspective Exhibition Night at Throop Studio

Fri 29th Apr, 2022 – 7:00pm–10:00pm

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Fri 29th Apr, 2022


Free Admission

Image by Johnathan Barkat

Judging is complete for our 9th Annual Artist's Perspective Personal Work Exhibition. We are pleased to announce the 19 selected artists below (28 images) will be featuring image(s) as selected from our curation team, Jo-Nell and David Sieren. APA Chicago will exhibit these images on April 29, 2022, at Throop Studio. Our celebration includes drinks, food, fun, and more - please join us.

Official Selections

  1. Jonathan Barkat
  2. Ilanna Barkusky
  3. John Blais
  4. Thomas Chadwick
  5. Cameron Davidson
  6. David Ellis
  7. John Haynes
  8. Michael Jarecki
  9. Elisha Knight
  10. Robert Koss
  11. Michael Maes
  12. Angie McMonigal
  13. Elaine Miller
  14. Brian Molyneaux
  15. Brian Pietrini
  16. Michael Rivera
  17. Matt Schwerin
  18. Lindsay Siu
  19. Paul Turang


We are thrilled to announce that The Arridia Group will sponsor this event and announce their plan to return to production.

Keeping You Safe

Beginning February 28, 2022, in accordance with the state and city guidelines, the venue is lifting the mask and vaccination requirements for guests. Guests and staff may continue to wear masks in the studio for various reasons, so please continue to be kind and considerate of others.

What should I do if I am not feeling well? Please stay home. While we would love to see you and catch up on life from the past two years, we can do that at another event later in the year. Thank you for understanding.