Industry Experts Talk Photography Growth Strategies for 2022

Tue 16th Nov, 2021 – 11:00am–5:00pm

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Artist Representative Andrea Stern from SternRep leads our-one day business tune-up event

Artist Representative Andrea Stern from SternRep leads our workshop on bringing in jobs by using Instagram the right way.

This year is coming to a close, and 2022 is right around the corner. There is no better time to explore your new business strategies for the upcoming year. In our one-day business tune-up event, leading industry experts will present concepts on key growth strategies for your photography business. We'll look at how to innovate your marketing, understanding creative treatments best practices, SEO tips that you can implement today, knowing your worth in the marketplace, a segment with an agency art producer devoted to answering all your questions, and Liz Miller-Gershfeld from Energy BBDO will present on the under-appreciated, often over-looked, soft-skills needed to pitch your work to a prospect effectively.

Our industry continues to undergo dramatic changes, and we've designed this event to help give insight, educate, and encourage you.

Here's the line-up (times are Central):

11:00A: Innovative Marketing Strategies with Patti Schumann at Schumann & Company
Artist Representative Patti Schumann will present insight on photography marketing trends in the age of Covid, offer tips on breaking through the clutter, and finding the best way to present your story for maximum effect.

12:00P: Creative Treatments Best Practices with Mary Dail at Big Leo Productions
Preparing a creative treatment has become an important exercise when estimating an agency project. Additionally, photographers estimating smaller projects that don't normally require a submitted treatment should take the time to "rough out" an internal document to help their understanding of the project. What does producing an effective treatment look like, what information should be included, how many images should it include, how much creative insight should be offered, how many pages should it be? The list of questions can be endless. Mary Dail from Big Leo has helped photographers of all stripes craft treatments that make an impact and will present best practices to design or upgrade your treatment template for future projects.

01:00P: Set Up Your Instagram to Bring in Jobs with Andrea Stern at SternRep
When done right, Instagram is a free marketing platform that can consistently get your work in front of the right clients and help you grow your business. This workshop will not be about turning you into an Influencer. Artist Representative Andrea Stern from SternRep has made it her mission to understand and leverage Instagram's functionality and features to help support her artists' digital marketing efforts. Andrea will highlight practical strategies that every commercial photographer can deploy to shape their creative presence and optimize Instagram to build an audience that can help create a sustainable business.

02:00P: Ask an Art Producer Anything with Art Producer Kimber Leigh Nussbaum at Upshot
Think of this segment like open phone lines for a radio talk show except over Zoom. Our industry is rapidly changing, and the pace of change has been exacerbated by the pandemic. This is your chance to get your questions answered by an agency art producer. Feel free to ask about marketing, estimating, budgets, treatments, portfolios, and more.

03:00P: Photographers Guide to Pricing and Knowing your Worth with Jigisha Bouverat at Bouverat Collective
When thinking about growing our business, it's uniformly framed as the need to increase volume - shoot more projects. Yes, we should always be striving to book more jobs, but carefully considering how we price projects and write usage terms can deliver significant revenue to the bottom line with less expense.

04:00P: Presenting Your Work to a Prospect with Liz Miller-Gershfeld at Energy BBDO
As creatives, much of our formal education is focused on portfolio development. However, presenting your portfolio is a job interview, and building trust that you are a capable, creative partner is the goal. Liz has been a long-time advocate for photographers, and this is a great opportunity to learn from an agency professional on the art of presenting your work to a prospect.

$10: APA Members
$50: General Public

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