Recap: Artist’s Perspective 2015

Tue 12th Jan, 2016

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© Beking Joassaint. Great turnout for our event.

We had a wonderful one night exhibition on December 11, 2015 at Throop Studio. We exhibited 35 amazing images in our 3rd annual personal work contest we call Artist’s Perspective. We had tasty appetizers from Fig Catering and great tunes from These Old Men They Play Records. Special thanks to our sponsor A Zaffarano Productions for supporting APA Chicago and the photography community.

We want to once again thank our judges:

  • Rick Conrad / Group Creative Director, Abelson Taylor
  • Peter Fitzpatrick / Chair of Photography at Columbia College Chicago
  • Justin Ahrens / Principal + Creative Director, Rule29

And, we want to thank all the artist’s who entered this year’s competition. We appreciate your support.

© Beking Joassaint. Andy Barnes with Elaine Miller.

Beking Joassaint (left), Flint Chaney, Monica Zaffarano and Neil Burger.

© Beking Joassaint. Mark Doddato from These Old Men They Play Records.

© Beking Joassaint. Peter Fitzpatrick speaking with guests.

© Beking Joassaint. Miles Boone and Dave Rentuaskas.

© Beking Joassaint. Melissa Hennessy with Saverio Truglia.

© Beking Joassaint. Sheryl Long with Joyce Taft.

© Beking Joassaint. The host Jeff Dahlgren (right) speaking with Scott Thompson and guest.