2021 Artist’s Perspective Virtual Exhibition

Thu 08th Apr, 2021 – 6:00pm–7:00pm

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Thu 08th Apr, 2021


Free Admission

Photographer Michael Maes tabletop image of fruit

This image by Michael Maes was selected for the exhibition based on artistic merit and technical excellence.

Judging is complete for our 8th Annual Artist's Perspective Personal Work Exhibition, and we are pleased to announce the 31 selected artist's below (50 images) will be featuring image(s) as selected from our judges Tracey Woods, Julie Maxham, and DJ Webb. APA Chicago will exhibit these images on April 8, 2021, at our Virtual Exhibition Night.

Official Selections

  1. Mark Battrell
  2. Ben Clasen
  3. Drew Endicott
  4. Alexander Gouletas
  5. John Haynes
  6. Alyce Henson
  7. Max Hirshfeld
  8. Brooke Hummer
  9. John Jennings
  10. George Kamper
  11. Jim Krantz
  12. Markku Lahdesmaki
  13. Jason Little
  14. Michael Maes
  15. Angie McMonigal
  16. Lauren McNalis
  17. Elaine Melko
  18. Leasha Overturf
  19. Kevin Penczak
  20. Steven Piper
  21. Jordano Powell
  22. Lauren Pusateri
  23. Sara Rubinstein
  24. Rich Saal
  25. Amy Scott
  26. Nathaniel Smith
  27. Kevin Smith
  28. Patrick Tregenza
  29. Saverio Truglia
  30. Paul Turang
  31. Jacob Watts

Virtual Exhibition Night

Date & Time
Thursday, April 8, 2021 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Virtual Location
Link: https://www.virtualcurtain.net/events/apa-event
Password: apachicago

The virtual platform will include a gallery of all the official image selections and offer attendees the ability to video chat with each other. Registration is not required; just use the link and password. Admission is free for everyone.


I would like to recognize the APA board volunteers who graciously give their time and talent that keeps the APA Chicago chapter organization functioning on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis - they are Brooke Hummer, Martine Séverin, Alyce Henson, Brooke Hummer, Andreas Endregaard, Brian Schilling, Scott Thompson, Rebecca Reuland, and Linda Levy. The planning for the Artist's Perspective Exhibition is a year-long process.

We would like to thank all photographers who submitted work for this year's exhibition. Without the generous support of the entire photographic community, this celebration of photography would not exist.