Keeping the Passion Alive

Thu 16th Mar, 2023 – 6:00pm–7:30pm

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Thu 16th Mar, 2023


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Join APA Chicago for an online conversation as we dig into why creating personal, and passion projects can help to inspire & connect us as creative humans ( & get noticed!).

Includes panel conversation with opportunities to connect deeper in break-out rooms.

Speaker Bio(s)

Christian Rodriguez, Photographer
Christian Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City by immigrants from the Dominican Republic. He spent his childhood traveling between the two islands and cultures. In high school, he attended a four-year after-school photographic residency program, NYCSalt. His passion for photography led him to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design. While away from home, he developed an infatuation with his Dominican background. His photographic work focuses on immigration, cultural identity, and the Dominican diaspora. Currently, he is working on long-term projects between DR and NYC. He prefers traditional methods, such as photographing on light-sensitive materials, and a more hands-on approach to image making. In 2017 he exhibited with En Foco for their “The Apartment Gallery Series” series and was selected for The New York Times Portfolio Review.

Teresa Meier, Artist | Educator
I'm an artist, teacher, native Oregonian, beer drinker, cat lover, wayfarer, and wanderer. My left eye is lazy, I stick my tongue out when I smile, and I cannot figure out the stovetop diagrams for my life. I love summer, miss the rain when it's gone, and am transfixed by the quietness of snow. For me, a photograph and a concept are an elaborate puzzle that takes me to beautiful landscapes, wandering through antique stores, building in the wood shop, sewing a new costume, assembling props by hand, and painting both traditionally and digitally. In short, photography lets me have it all.

Sean Alonzo Harris, Photographer
Sean's photographic education began in childhood and ran through the Art Institute of Boston, and he studied abroad in Italy and closer to home at Maine Media Workshops. He established his commercial, fine art, and editorial photography career in Maine, Boston, and New York. His work is marked by fine art sensibility and an emphasis on environmental portraits. His creative process draws from various photographic traditions and methods and is driven by an authentic connection to his subjects and clients. He is genuinely curious about people’s lives and the experiences that shape their world.

Rose Kaz, Photographer and Tech Innovator
Rose Kaz is a creative problem solver, lifetime producer & digital media queen.

She leads with empathy AND decisive leadership. She is totally, 100% that woman who speaks up for the underdog & listens to learn. She embodies direct, creative producer skills to both lead teams & engineer compelling visuals.

Kaz learned her craft as a student of film photography and has recently brought motion into her digital workspace. She’s held many clipboards from run of shows for theater, online event and commercial shoots.

Having built out an all women production company pre-Covid, she’s now brought her team into the digital renaissance by choosing to work with awesome brands & business that give a damn!

Working first as a business activist, Kaz values collaboration through diversity and inclusion from the inside out. Rose’s team reflects this ethos and Kaz is putting her money where her mouth is by building a humanist forward platform which will soon rival FB, Twitter and the like by helping connect female thought leaders, business activists and industry disruptors into one, common digital hub.

She asks lots of questions and often co creates the answers.

Rose Kaz is a modern day Barabra Walters + Walker Evens rolled into one bossy besh!