Strategic Planning: Mid-Year Review

Mon 19th Jun, 2023 – 4:00pm–5:30pm

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  • Martine Séverin

Mon 19th Jun, 2023

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Biopic of Martine Séverin

Martine Séverin worked as a Program Manager at Harvard University, where she obtained a certificate in Strategic Planning from the Harvard Extension School.

Can you believe nearly half of the year has sped by? Since half of the year is over, it’s time for a Mid-Year Review.

In this follow-up to our Strategic Planning workshop, we invite you back to participate in the transforming exercise of a mid-year review. This review process allows us to gauge the headway we’ve made and how to readjust to ensure our success is predetermined. In this interactive class, we’ll learn the techniques to gain a more precise snapshot of your progress.

A mid-year review is a valuable tool to support your professional and personal growth. The review works with your strategic plan by helping you track progress, make necessary course corrections, and embrace adaptability. By conducting regular reviews, you foster a sense of accountability and identify the factors that contribute to or hinder your success. Additionally, these reviews facilitate continuous learning and improvement, allowing you to refine your strategies and approaches.

In summary, incorporating quarterly reviews into your planning process is a powerful way to promote growth and success. It helps you stay focused, learn from your experiences, enhance communication with your accountability partners, boost motivation, and make informed decisions. Embrace the benefits of quarterly reviews and set yourself up for continuous improvement and long-term achievement.

We will work in small groups and individually to review the progress you’ve made this year! Join us!

Important: After registering for the event a PDF link will be included with your Zoom confirmation email so you can download Martine's Mid-Year Review PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How is this Zoom event setup? This event is set up as a Zoom meeting where all participants can interact.
  2. I didn't attend Martine's event earlier in the year, should I still register for this event? Yes. Register and when you receive your Zoom confirmation email download the Mid-Year Review PDF. Then open the PDF, review, and complete as much as you can to prepare the event.
  3. Are business goals that important to my success? The short answer is, yes. Defining what you want to achieve for your business (or life) is the first step in determining if you are on the right path.

Martine's Bio

Martine Séverin is a lifestyle + advertising photographer. She is based in Chicago and Los Angeles, with Chicago being her primary hub. Prior to a career in photography she worked as a Program Manager at Harvard University where she obtained a certificate in Strategic Planning from the Harvard Extension School. She loves creating strategic plans!

Her vibrant style, imbued by a love of color and of diversity, has been shaped by her Haitian roots and her passion for celebrating inclusivity through the use of non-western narratives.

It is this passion that drives Martine to seek out and create work that features people of color and women in non-stereotypical ways. Where possible, she also makes social causes a part of her work by collaborating with companies that are advancing the lives of others.

She is the host of the podcast, This is How We Create, a show that digs deeper into the creative life of contemporary artists of color to foster community and honor their process. Martine is also the Chair of the American Photographic Artist’s Diversity Committee.