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Mon 25th Feb, 2019 – 6:30pm–9:00pm

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Mon 25th Feb, 2019


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Beth Huerta, Senior Associate at Candace Gelman & Associates leads our workshop demystifying creative treatments

Photographers are finding themselves needing to prepare a treatment no matter how big or small the project - and under all circumstances. Creating and submitting a treatment to win a job has practically become a prerequisite. The need to provide one isn’t going anywhere. So how do we make the process of writing a treatment efficient? What steps do we follow to ensure we’re focusing on the most relevant aspects of our treatments? How do we come to a point where we don't feel that treatments are nothing but a futile exercise - or a task that triggers intense anxiety? At our workshop, you will gain the knowledge to overcome the apprehension and anxiety and gain confidence in preparing creative treatments that can land you that next project.

Throughout this workshop, we will:

  • Role play various situations leading up to the request for a treatment - and arm yourself with the information you need to create one.
  • Learn how to sift through information to get to the heart of what should be included in the treatment.
  • Look at treatment examples that are considered both successful and unsuccessful - and evaluate why.
  • Review various visual/design approaches to treatments.
  • Gain a broad understanding of why we are being asked to prepare treatments (if you know why…you’ll know how!).
  • Fall in love with treatment writing (or at least no longer fear the process).

In this workshop, you will gain the critical skills to write and design a superior creative treatment. Knowledge is power.

About the speaker

For more than 15 years Beth Huerta has been immersed in the world of commercial photography. In her current position as senior associate at the award-winning agency Candace Gelman & Associates, Beth has had the good fortune to work with renowned artists like Sandro, Marcus Smith, Paul Elledge, Olivia Bee, The Voorhes, and Christian Kozowyk amongst others. At CG&A, Beth provides professional support to their extraordinary pool of talent via implementing strategic marketing plans; image editing for websites, portfolios and promotional materials; treatment writing and design; estimating and production coordinating. Beth has also held the position of adjunct professor at Drexel and the University of the Arts where she taught Portfolio Development and Production for Commercial Photographers, the latter being a course authored by Beth that is now a permanent part of Drexel's BS in Photography curriculum.

6:30P – Doors open
7:00P – Workshop begins
8:15P – Q&A
9:00P – Workshop ends

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Special thanks to APA Board Members Lindsay Gallup, Rob Gregory, Jacob Watts, and Alyce Henson for helping plan this event, to Grey House Productions for hosting and sponsoring this event.

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